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Whangamata is one of your New Zealand’s favourite beach towns. Situated at the apex of the country’s main population triangle, it is the southern gateway to the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula.  World famous for its surfing and fishing, it boosts over 100 clubs and organisations. Golf, bowls, tennis, croquet, mah-jong, whatever you love to do, you can do it in Whanga. A flat, easy to walk town centre that’s full of sensational cafes, restaurants and shops. The town is also home to three different clubs, all offering a variety of food and entertainment and where everyone is welcome.

Beach Hop

The event is an exciting mix of music, cars and fashion and has won many awards.

Wentworth Vallley Falls Walk

Just out of town this is a stunning and quite easy walk up to spectacular waterfall.

Whangamata Beach

Voted New Zealand’s favourite beach, it performs every day.

Whangamata Golf Club

With a choice of two golf courses in Whangamata-Titoki and Williamson, there’s always room for a game of golf.

Whangamata Tennis and Squash

It’s one of the busiest tennis and squash clubs in the Waikato. With five club sessions of tennis and squash every week, a tennis coach, bar, comfortable lounge and venue and court hire- it’s a great spot for a hit anytime.

Mountain Biking

The park offers something for everyone, from the first-time rider to experts looking to be challenged.

Whanga Putter

Great fun for all

Whangamata Community Library

Come and discover the world

Whangamata Information Centre

Whether you’re travelling or settling, everything you need to know about Whanga and the Coromandel is in our info centre. This Aladdin’s Cave of information is also home to hundreds of local handmade gifts. A special stop for locals and travellers alike on Port Road.

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